About Istanbul – Home of Two Continents

Istanbul is a natural gateway on two continents, Europe and Asia, a metropolis with 8,500 years of rich history. Bringing Europe and Asia together, Istanbul is the historical and cultural capital of Turkiye. It has long been coveted by powerful empires, and served as capital to Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. As an imperial capital for 1500 years, Istanbul has acquired a highly original personality.

The city is an eclectic and unique combination of various cultures and traditions and can easily be described an open-air museum with its palaces, mosques, churches, and other historic monuments. Several intriguing museums of art, archeology and history allow visitors to experience and learn more about the city and country’s culture. Festivals of music, film and theater organized by Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), a non-profit cultural institution, are also great addition to the city’s cultural life where visitors have been enjoying for several years during their stays.

Istanbul’s gastronomy especially the newly developed chef restaurants certainly deserved the attention they are receiving recently. Istanbul now has 53 restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide of which four has Michelin stars. Millions of travelers come to Istanbul each year for a taste of the city’s rich and vibrant cuisine.

Istanbul will also satisfy shopping enthusiasts with its historic bazaars, more than 100 modern shopping centers, open-air markets, and antique stores.

It is definitely a “must-see destination” for all kinds of travelers and a financial center for global brands. Istanbul, is not only an UNESCO World Heritage Site but also a hub for contemporary artistic developments and creative industries.
Today 75,000 companies operate international trade in the city and it is a financial center for the region.

Istanbul is the center of higher education in Turkiye. The city’s 58 universities and 11 technology development zones make Istanbul a hub of learning, inspiration, and innovation.

The city is naturally beautiful, its exciting scene blending a metropolitan way of life and modern infrastructure as well as its cultural experience as a whole makes it a unique meeting place. Istanbul is one of the world’s most exciting conference and incentive destinations.

Located in the heart of the world, Istanbul is easily accessible by air, rail, sea and road. With two international airports, Istanbul is served by more than 300 airlines.