Türkiye is known as the country connecting the East to the West through Anatolia. Home to many diverse cultures, religions, empires and civilisations, Anatolia has an immense historical background to offer including one of the first settlements ever in human history and some of the world’s most known cities such as Istanbul. Situated in the middle of three continents, Anatolia has always been a hub for cultural interaction, dating back to as early as 24th century BC. Surrounded by the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, the Anatolia Peninsula is home to varying climates enabling vegetation and therefore human settlements.

Any visitor coming to Türkiye will have a unique experience witnessing the history surrounded with breath-taking shores of Turkish Riviera. Home to the Hittite’s, Lydian’s, Hellenistic civilisations, Roman Empire, the Ottomans and finally the Republic of Türkiye. Anatolia is one of the most precious territories of the world. This land has witnessed a lot of wars to be gained since the beginning of time. Hence there are remarkable ancient monuments, archaeological sites, religious monuments, shrines, pilgrimage areas, famous cities of both the ancient world and the modern world including the Troy, Cappadocia, Istanbul and many more.